the clock doesn't lie


... The fast way to better lap times

The first multi-lingual book about riding techniques for track riders. 128 pages, 75 pictures, technical drawings and cartoons, all gathered in a luxurious hard cover. The ideal gift for all track lovers or racers-to-be ! And for yourself of course.

Author Steven Casaer takes the reader with him on his quest to lose fractions of a second that make the difference between winning and losing, podium or tears, at motorcycle racing. Analyses as sharp as blades are transformed into clear advice, of which each part starts with an entertaining anecdote. Practical advice given will benefit professional and club racers as well as passionate track day riders, all of whom continue the eternal search for a faster lap time. The reader also gains a very open view on the internal mechanism of motorcycle racing – enough to ignite more than a passing interest in this truly modern gladiatorial sport.

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content of "The Clock Doesn’t Lie..." treats all aspects of track riding in 10 chapters. Each chapter can be read seperately, following your personal interest, and is written based on an anecdote from the author of something he experienced during his active racing carreer, paying special attention to the analyses and the driving lines, the position of the rider and specific scills such as braking or overtaking. This book is a result of nearly 15 years of track experience, over 10 years of experience in data recording and almost 12 years of being obsessed with suspensions, this all covered with 10 years of teaching experience.

"The Clock doesn’t Lie... " is now for sale at the price of 39 euros.