Serious or just for fun?
Night time obsession…

Chapter 1
Hear, see and don’t speak
Relative cribbing
Introspective observations

Chapter 2
The sacred trinity
Hands on the bars
Feet in power
Listening to your bottom

Chapter 3
To move or not to move?
Born tyred
Parallel balance
With your head over the Great Emptiness and knee on the ground

Chapter 4
Looking technique, a separate chapter?
2 seconds ahead!
To see without looking
Reference points : your own cones
Looking at the real world

Chapter 5
About braking and opening the throttle
When you brake you have to brake
The rear brake: sense and nonsense
Progressive throttle opening and degressive braking

Chapter 6
The lost art of shifting
The right time
Dropping torque
Short shift and over revving
Manual slipper clutch

Chapter 7
Regularity, racing’s Holy Grail
Do you need a drawing?
Stopwatch dictatorship
Anatomy of lap times
Your ideal lap time
Tempo or progress?

Chapter 8
Watch your linel Everybody back to school!
To school
The real life
Chasing rabbits?

Chapter 9
Walk the line, study well
Walking is healthy
Drawing backwards
A classic example from Belgium
Step by step with intervals

Chapter 10
Tricks of the trade
Adapt to make the difference
Defensive riding mid-corner: slowing down excessively

Chapter 11
The circle is complete
Full speed ahead
Reference point: superfluous necessity?